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Writing Effective Copy for the Web

Good Web Copy Answers “Why” and “How”

Writing effective copy for the web synthesizes persuasive benefits and features that solve problems in a format that makes easy for your prospect to:

> skim
> locate more information, and
> act on it.

Keep these essentials in mind:


Focus on the most essential part of your sales copy. Headlines should demand attention and entice your reader to find out more.



Keep it brief and to the point. Let readers know exactly what you have to offer.



Break up copy blocks with small headlines and make it easier for readers to find specific information of interest. Include action verbs if possible, but avoid full sentences.


Small Paragraphs & Bullet Lists

Limit each paragraph to four or five lines, or incorporate bullets for faster reading. Link key words to help visitors find more information about specific topics of interest.



Overcome Internet skepticism and provide a solid, no risk, money back guarantee. Provided a limited time free trial or download to remove prospect risk.



Reinforce your risk-free message by including a testimonial on the same page.



Always include multiple ways to contact you. 

> Create multiple ways to respond.

> Post compelling offers.

> Provide sign ups.

> Ask for the order. Then make it easy for your visitor to place one. 


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