Marketing to Women Business Owners

The number of businesses owned by women in the United States has increased 59% since 1997, according to an estimate from American Express.

Those 8.6 million firms are generating more than $1.3 trillion in revenue and employing nearly 7.8 million people, according to the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report from American Express Open, a small-business arm of the company.

Here are some tips for marketing to women business owners:


Build a relationship before you try to make the sale

AT&T makes philanthropic contributions to initiatives like equal opportunity programs and family services. AT&T also supports groups like the National Association for Women Business Owners.


Be prepared for a longer sales cycle

Women will take time to consider the impact of a decision before making it.


Provide references

Women are more likely than men to ask others about a product or service. Women are also likely to give referrals if they’re happy with their experience.


Focus on your benefits to others

Women take into account how a purchase will affect their employees or clients.


Do business with other women business owners

If your company buys from women-owned businesses, women are more likely to buy from you.


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