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What Makes Good Graphic Design?

There’s an acronym that’s key to every good design:


To improve your visual communication and ensure your message is conveyed with impact, XtraMark incorporates these key principles for good graphic design:





Contrast creates visual interest by placing two different objects next to one another. How can you create contrast? There’s lots of ways:

> Size

> Color

> Value

> Fonts

> Emphasis

> Shape

> Texture




> Repetition strengthens the visual unity of a piece.

> Consistency in repetition conveys quality and professionalism.




> Strong alignment creates a visual connection between elements. This helps direct eye flow.




> The size of an element is normally based on importance.

> The most important element is usually largest in size

> The remaining elements are sized in relative proportion to help prioritize visual communication.




> If your deign is balanced, the audience will not notice the elements as being individual. Your whole design becomes one piece and the viewers eyes flow from one element to the next seamlessly.




> People look for unity in every day life experiences to make order of things and to make sense of “the whole picture.”

> Good design incorporates unity to achieve the same communications goal for your message.




> Words and design both convey a message.

> The overall design and the images presented should reflect your intended message.




> What gains the most attention in your design?

> Whether you choose a visual, music, motion, text, or a combination, the dominant design elements should convey your main message and move the viewer’s eye within the design to maintain interest and participation.


Put Some “Giddy Up Go!” in Your Graphic Designs

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