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Streetwise Marketing

Streetwise marketing uses a potpourri of methods to consistently attract customers and remind them of your products and services. Keep these factors in mind when planning a creative and consistent marketing campaign:


Be consistent

Repeated exposure of your business name will remind your customers you are still there and ready to serve them. Your logo (and Web address) should appear on everything you do — business cards, letterhead, envelopes, advertising, billing statements, vehicles, etc. Consistency builds brand awareness and consumer trust.


Be committed

Give your marketing plan time to work. A single newspaper ad or two radio spots will not yield measurable results. Don’t waste your money with a hit or miss advertising approach. Stay with your plan and feature some sort of marketing activity every week — telemarketing, Web site update, newsletter, print/radio/TV ads, billboards, contest, customer loyalty program, etc.


Use a marketing calendar

Plan all the activities you will use to promote your business 6 to 12 months in advance. This ensures budgets are kept and deadlines are met. Are you actively marketing each week? Try rearranging merchandise, designing new window displays, sending thank-you notes to customers, beginning a radio campaign, or attending a trade show. Last year’s calendar becomes an invaluable tool to plan for the coming year’s events — leverage what worked, and avoid what didn’t.


Stay focused and grow gradually

Once you’ve defined your target market, what you will offer them, and how to reach them, the next challenge is to stay focused until that market is saturated. Then focus on your next step — broaden your product/service line or zero in on a new customer niche. The temptation to expand in all directions at once can be overwhelming. Practice patience.

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