Simplicity Selling

Potential buyers have to weave their way through a daunting maze of marketing communications and product specifications when deciding to make a purchase.

The good news: if they are already looking, they are qualified prospects.

The bad news: you can lose a sale if you don’t convince them to buy.

Here are some tips for simplicity selling:

> What are the top three reasons a prospect should buy from you NOW?

> Make your message clear and easy to understand.

> Even the most complex, high-technology products can be described in user-oriented benefits which motivate prospects to purchase.

> XtraMark can help craft a consistent call-to-action for all your marketing materials and promotions so you don’t forget to ask for the order!

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About the XtraMark Name

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Every company needs a unique name. And XtraMark is no different. The name XtraMark means we do marketing and “xtra stuff” to help keep your organization successful.

And yes. We misspelled “Xtra” on purpose. Here’s why:

We actually started out with a different name. And it turns out there was a conflict with another company. And we learned the hard way – It pays to do due diligence to capture a unique and compelling name.

The XtraMark tagline is designed to get people asking “what is xtra stuff?”  This generates interest and begins a conversation. Just like a good brand should.

When XtraMark creates your brand, we guarantee you’ll have a unique name, an eye-catching logo,  and a company brand both you and your customers will get excited about.