Rate Your Ad Agency

How do you rate your agency?

Not every company needs a full-service advertising agency.

What is your marketing challenge? Are you getting the most for your marketing dollars?


You may want to take stock of the service you are currently receiving:

1. Do they know your business?

Marketing consultants help you sell your product. Good consultants know your product, how customers use it and what role advertising plays. They know your business, your brand, your competition and current market trends.

2. Do they know your customer?

Not all buyers of your product buy it for the same reason. Good marketing consultants are aware of local and regional cultures in order to speak to your customers in ways that make sense and motivate them.

3. Do they keep you informed?

Besides an annual plan, do they prepare detailed updates? Do you know where and when your money is being spent? Is the information provided easy to understand? Do they return your calls in a timely manner?

4. Do they follow up?

Make sure your marketing consultant can help you measure results. Can they quantify the success of your business? Your competitors? Your industry?

5. Do they help build your business?

Successful marketing consultants continuously seek out unique marketing ideas, promotional opportunities, and new customers for their clients. Your marketing consultant should be your partner in strategic planning and in tactical implementation.


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About the XtraMark Name

Web Design Albuquerque XtraMark Marketing Agency Branding Logos Social Media Videos

Every company needs a unique name. And XtraMark is no different. The name XtraMark means we do marketing and “xtra stuff” to help keep your organization successful.

And yes. We misspelled “Xtra” on purpose. Here’s why:

We actually started out with a different name. And it turns out there was a conflict with another company. And we learned the hard way – It pays to do due diligence to capture a unique and compelling name.

The XtraMark tagline is designed to get people asking “what is xtra stuff?”  This generates interest and begins a conversation. Just like a good brand should.

When XtraMark creates your brand, we guarantee you’ll have a unique name, an eye-catching logo,  and a company brand both you and your customers will get excited about.