Creating a Bigger Brand Identity


New Mexico Fleet Design had grown into a company that did a whole lot more than vehicle wraps.

It was a sign of the times.

They needed a bigger company with a bigger brand.



The client asked XtraMark to create:

  1. a bigger brand
  2. a fresh corporate identity
  3. a bold new logo, and
  4. a sales compensation plan

that would grow as the company expanded into new product arenas and geographical markets.



After researching local and national competitors, XtraMark created the SignPlex name and brand, featuring a unique selling proposition that showcased expanded product lines.

SignPlex logo design and corporate identity branding by XtraMark


Web designer XtraMark created branding and content management website for www.Signplex.biz


Brand transformation from New Mexico Fleet Design to SignPlex


New Mexico Fleet Design


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