how to think creatively

Creative observations are pivotal for marketing communicators. Apple’s classic “1984” Super Bowl commercial got its start when Steve Hayden noticed a newspaper headline: “Why 1984 Won’t be like 1984.” When eyes are hungry, imaginations get fed.

Here are ways to work up an appetite for watching and building creativity:


Look beyond usual frames of reference

Expand your vision to stretch your thinking. Step outside boundaries imposed by your age group, gender or interests. If you read Business Week and Modern Maturity, flip through Wired and Rolling Stone.


Travel the highways

Set yourself up to see fresh things. Take the smaller, less-traveled roads. Take different routes to work, enter the mall’s back door. Record your observations in a notebook.


See through other eyes

Turn off your auto-pilot assumptions and see something new. You can reap rewards through the eyes of family, customers and strangers. In a crowd, check out expressions and imagine what people are thinking. Look from different angles to find emotional connections that will resonate with audiences.

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About the XtraMark Name

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Every company needs a unique name. And XtraMark is no different. The name XtraMark means we do marketing and “xtra stuff” to help keep your organization successful.

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We actually started out with a different name. And it turns out there was a conflict with another company. And we learned the hard way – It pays to do due diligence to capture a unique and compelling name.

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