designing a new consultant

There is a new kind of consultant emerging in today’s marketing arena.

Campaigns need to hit the target strategically and creatively the first time out the shoot, and every time marketing dollars are spent.

To meet this critical marketing mission, the new consultant fully understands — and is comfortable in — both the realism of strategic positioning and creative development.

The strategic creative consultant ensures the development of highly effective advertising. This facilitator moves equally well in the cultures of both clients and agencies. The strategic creative consultant exists to ensure that brand strategy and positioning with great potential translate into advertising that lives up to that potential — every time. Call on strategic creative consultants to:

> strategic client insights into truly usable inputs for agency creative teams (as opposed to the limited value they get from most client briefings).

> Keep the “executional leaps” inherent in creative development grounded in strategy.

> Support the creative passion of the agency while keeping it focused.

> Shape a common vision of the problem and the path forward as well as a common language so client and agency become an effective team.

> Develop the confidence and trust of the creative people so that the client’s vision can constructively influence creative development rather than being rejected.

> Help decide ahead of time realistic criteria by which the creative work will be evaluated.

When a client invests in a consultant who brings those kinds of skills to the equation, it is a clear message to agency management that the client is committed to achieving the most ambitious kind of advertising successs.

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About the XtraMark Name

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Every company needs a unique name. And XtraMark is no different. The name XtraMark means we do marketing and “xtra stuff” to help keep your organization successful.

And yes. We misspelled “Xtra” on purpose. Here’s why:

We actually started out with a different name. And it turns out there was a conflict with another company. And we learned the hard way – It pays to do due diligence to capture a unique and compelling name.

The XtraMark tagline is designed to get people asking “what is xtra stuff?”  This generates interest and begins a conversation. Just like a good brand should.

When XtraMark creates your brand, we guarantee you’ll have a unique name, an eye-catching logo,  and a company brand both you and your customers will get excited about.