covid-19: how to communicate with customers and prospects

Here’s how to communicate with customers & prospects during Covid-19: Be honest. Be brief. Be positive.

Because everyone is experiencing stress, you want to avoid too much data overload.

Not communicating eats away at the trust you’ve worked so hard (and spent so much marketing money) to build.

Check out these tips for communicating with customers and prospects during Covid-19 and beyond:

More than a third of local marketers worldwide said they’re losing customers as a result of COVID-19, according to a March 2020 survey from BrightLocal, and 27% reported temporarily closing their stores.

Communicating with Customers

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Whether your business is open or temporarily on-hold, staying in touch with your existing customer base is very important right now. Explain how your organization is working to help clients during and beyond the pandemic. And marry your message with a visual of people to convey trust.

Here are low-cost marketing options to communicate with customers during the pandemic:

  • Phone Calls: This is the best option if you are a small business. The human connection by phone or Zoom solidifies an emotional connection with your clients.


  • E-Mail Blasts: Using your existing customer e-mail database, an email blast helps reassure customers your business is open and actively supporting their livelihood.


  • Special Offers: Money is tight for everyone now. If you can provide free anything (training, bonus content, or product add-ons) that’s a plus because it rewards customers for interacting with your brand.

Reaching Prospects

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Even with the Corona virus, people are buying. And they will continue to purchase even if the pandemic is prolonged. Now more than ever, budgeting for marketing is vital for your business longevity. Here are some low-cost options to reach prospects during Covid-19:

  • Next-Door: Folks are looking out for their neighbors here. Post how your business can be a source of local support. It’s free!


  • Public Relations: Is your business donating to the cause? Let your local media know and invite them to broadcast from your location.


  • Social Media: Showcase your employees working on the front lines or virtually in the effort to support small businesses/clients.


  • Website: Make sure your home page clearly states the company is open. Provide details on how to contact you, especially if your physical location is closed. Don’t forget to update your hours of operation on your Google My Business profile too.


  • Blogs: Everyone is looking for tips during a crisis. Share your top 3 tips your customers can use to overcome challenges to their business. You can also use this content in a webinar or Zoom presentation.


  • Pay Per Click Ads: With everyone shopping online out of necessity, the only way to guarantee you show up on top of search results is Pay Per Click advertising. Depending on your industry, the cost of keywords may be worth it to raise your visibility and generate leads through your website.

About the XtraMark Name

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Every company needs a unique name. And XtraMark is no different. The name XtraMark means we do marketing and “xtra stuff” to help keep your organization successful.

And yes. We misspelled “Xtra” on purpose. Here’s why:

We actually started out with a different name. And it turns out there was a conflict with another company. And we learned the hard way – It pays to do due diligence to capture a unique and compelling name.

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