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Context is Everything

The secret of marketing? Context is everything!

Your message is important. But don’t forget to consider your audience. Creative communications that miss their target are wasted efforts.

Understanding potential buyers’ needs and wants helps determine how to craft your marketing message.

1:1 Marketing Means Building Relationships

Rather than marketing to one audience with one message, we can now market to an audience of one, delivering a consistent, personalized message specific to each individual across every medium . The content you serve to each individual can be tailored based on the context you collect from every channel.

There is an important paradigm to dig into here. Every time a lead or a potential lead comes into contact with your brand, you have two opportunities: 1) to learn more about them (acquire context), and 2) to leverage what you already know (apply context to your content).

Context is Always Changing

Behavioral Data: As prospects move through your website (even on their first visit, before becoming a lead), you are probably collecting web analytics data on their interactions with your site.

But is that data stored in aggregate, or is it tied to them as an individual? When they finally do turn into a lead, can their history of page views and important events be applied to their record in your CRM and marketing databases ? Can you use that data to determine their buyer persona and lifecycle stage ?

Lead Intelligence: The first time a lead comes to your website, it’s important to consider how they got there. Are you tracking the channel or campaign that first brought them to your website?

If they came to you from a search engine, are you capturing the keyword that introduced them to your brand, as well as the first page they viewed? This can give you important context about their initial interest and what their intentions might be.

Context and Content

Your marketing results improve when you deliver more relevant messages to your prospects based on what you already know about them; and your campaigns are supercharged when you can deliver the same consistent message across every medium your prospects see. You can even have a huge impact on your sales team’s performance.

In the same way a snowball grows as it rolls down a hill, you accumulate more and more data about your leads with each and every marketing touch point as they move through your funnel. And when the time is right for your sales team to reach out, that data can be transformative to their processes.

> How do people hear or perceive your message?

> Create persona-specific content and imagery that touches the emotions.

> Customize landing pages that speak specifically to your prospect at unique point in the sales cycle.

> Use dynamic, Smart CTAs to show the right content to the right visitors.

> Do you want them to remember? To buy? To recommend?

> Does your message cut through the clutter and stick?

XtraMark helps brands leverage context to positively influence target markets and individuals.

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